The destructive and enslaving power of routine is central to the film “Tom Encounters A Reunion”. Here we can follow a man so enslaved by his daily routines that one could say that he has become them. His life lacks originality and spontaneity, reminding more of a machine’s than a human being’s life. In this form of life time has no place, it is asleep. It is only when, his imagination is awakened again, that he gains consciousness of time. With the help of self-made animations, Toivakainen lets the audience follow how imagination and creativity breathe life into the main character’s existence. At first sight imagination and creativity are in conflict with a routine, forming as one could see it, an opposite pole. Toivakainen seems though; to bee suggesting that underneath this seeming conflict lays an important dynamic source of life. This is hinted at in the end of the film and especially in the last scene where the main character has a moment of realisation.