A look down at the wonders of the sea from just below the surface to the deep sea. Based on a poem I wrote.


Down at the bottom of the sea 
Four thousand meters deep 
In the Abyssopelagic 
Life is twisted, scarce and tragic 

A world unknown even to Cousteau 
With battles, cold, vicious and raw 
The farthest down one can fall 
Technology unravelled the greatest mystery of all? 

Where a shrimp moves around warily and slow 
Unintentionally revealing its distinguished flow 
Nervous of dangers ahead, it gazes front and back 
Obliged to protect its sperm sack 

But the Anglerfish stays unseen 
Until its bioluminescent organs come clean 
Fins sharp and fatal as mountains teeth 
It frightens, then strikes and hits underneath 

Swallowed whole, chewed up ‘til the last bone 
The Anglerfish holds its throne 
Though it can’t stay too confident 
Since already another creature has found its scent 

With no leeway to find heat waves 
It hides in the Hadopelagic caves 
There it feels safe and sound 
With no space to look around

Its genes lacking the 7R 
It fears of travelling far 
The explores have yet been anorectic 
The Anglerfish remains sceptic 

Of life above in the Bathypelagic region 
Where it would have to pledge allegiance to the frill shark legion 
No, it's not ready 
It remains steady 

For now a predator is moving toward 
A prey that considers itself the lord 
And who will prevail 
Without losing its tail 

Maybe not a great mystery after all 
Since it so well reflects the world inside the human wall

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