Maurice is a tiny grain of dust, developed from a dry piece of dead skin. Early in his existence he is cursed by a string of hair, which falls down from the sky and lands underneath his eyes, forming a moustache. This makes him a freak in the dust grain community and prevents him from joining the others, forming dust clouds, to be more visible to the ORION 4780 (vacuum cleaner), which is believed (amongst the dust grains) to be God and the way to happiness. But when the Orion 4780 is in motion, even Maurice gets sucked, but unfortunately gets caught in a spider’s web. From there his amazing journey begins, in which he stumbles across the weirdest and most terrifying friends and foes (spiders, dust mites, bellybutton fluff, bacteria’s, slime worms etc), learns to use his moustache as an advantage and discovers something that will change his view of life.